Welcome to Geoff Cromptons webpage. Yep.
Thats right.
You typed the address so what the hell did you expect?? Glad you made it though. Not a great deal going on though, is there. To make it semi worth the time you've taken so far, I can tell you Merry Christmas. Happy birthday. Actually, I hope you generally have a good life all together. Yeah, why not. Chances are if you deliberately made it here, you are awesome and deserve it. I could tell you the meaning of life. Wouldn't that be heavy. Considering mankind has been searching for it for years. Well, the meaning of life is to have as much fun as possible without spoiling anybody elses. So thats it. What else can a man say other than thanks. You rock\! Congratulations\! Why did I make this page, I hear you ask. Because I can. Any other questions? This is just about the end. Cheers. Come back soon. Hopefully someone famous or interesting would have bought this address and created something worth looking at. Well, thats what I'm hoping. Even better if that person is me. The end.

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